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When your words are deep like a drill


So here's my wonderful teams of Nuzlocke champions. SIX IS PRETTY GOOD HUH~


Avril, F
Rinaldi, M
Sonia, F
Grey, F
Jake, M
Zeek, M


Wanda, F
Ivy, F
Woolier, M
Dean, M
Tiana, F
Quinn, M


Trumpet, M
Bugle, F
Oboe, M
Triangle, M
Harpsicord, M
Bagpipes, M


Charizard, M
Flygon, F
Swanna, F
Vileplume, M
50, F


Mason, M
Victor, M
Carmen, F
Gale, F
Pineapple, F
Butch, M


lol like i'll actually tell you this


Marche and Nikky's PA Adventure 2016

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 11, 2016, 1:44 PM
Probably not the last one either lol

ANYWAY :iconmarche-towers: came to visit me this week which is why I've pretty much been inactive everywhere lol Dan has more pictures I think, so feel free to creep on him when he makes the journal of pictures he gathered ahaha

He wanted to see me for Christmas how cute right??? Jk he wanted to see the snow and the weather did not deliver ahaha

SO Dad and I picked up this child at the airport and immediately the jokes went off and we did nothing for the rest of the day because we were both exhausted cause he had a 6:45am flight and I was up at 8am to get everything ready to pick him up later that day

The next day I took him around the area I live in, showed him the Bagel Shop that I worked at, and then we went to see Star Wars The Force Awakens! It was a productive day I guess for just showing him around ahaha

I took him to Penn State University the next day cause I think my college is cool and it's always fun to see ahaha We went to the library stacks where a person was killed cause I'm a weirdo who thinks it's cool to take people to murder scenes, I took him to the lion shrine to get a picture cause that's mandatory, we went to the Palmer Art Museum and embarrassed ourselves in public as usual, we went to get creamery ice cream but the building is closed for renovations ): and we walked to Beaver Stadium and that was closed too LOL We got some food and walked around downtown then and then I drove us back because my apartment is a cesspool and I wasn't going to stay overnight for that lol

The next few days were just chilling around the house and going to places like Barnes and Nobles and Target and Game Stop. We were working on our SOHK entry together a lot of the time too. We also watched Steven Universe's Stevenbomb all week so there was a lot of screaming and talking about that ahaha We also played Mario Kart and I got my ass handed to me when the AIs were acting like jerks and we bought two Pokemon Decks and played TCG against each other a few times! We also watched a lot of Yu Yu Hakusho and the Ghost Stories Anime dub, and we ended up falling asleep a lot from exhaustion and excitement ahaha We also went to McDonald's a few times cause that's Dan's fav place to eat lol

I think he also touched everything in my room loool I forgot to save the picture where he wore this old Naruto headband I have but he screenshotted it so it's all goodie

Anyway, we ended yesterday with a rainbow, a trip to McDonalds, and ice cream. I think that's symbolism for capitalism or something... I'm just kidding lol We had a lot of fun together! We definitely want to see each other again soon cause we missed each other after I dropped him off at the airport this morning #howgaycanyougetafterarainbowsmh

And that's pretty much it! What a swagventure ahaha It was a good thing to have right before I start classes tomorrow RIP in piece. Anyway back to finishing the last page of my SOHK entry so I'll see you guys later. Have a great week!

  • Mood: Distracted
  • Listening to: Arctic Monkeys
  • Reading: Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
  • Watching: Yu Yu Hakusho
  • Playing: Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
  • Eating: Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Croissants
  • Drinking: Water


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The internal battery has run dry. The game can still be played. However, clock-based events will no longer occur.

Hi, my name is Nicole, but everyone on here calls me Nikky! I would love if you spelled it right, but if you get creative, you could wind up on this list of variations to my nicknames. I'm a Penn State University Student. I'll be graduating in May 2016 with a degree in Psychology. After that, I'm going to law school!

I was birthed from the void 21 years ago. When I breathe, carbon dioxide doesn't come out, but instead sass and sarcasm and that's why I end up being sassy to everyone on here. I live in a smallass apartment with 4 other people, am constantly out of food and toilet paper, working at a tedious job with old people, and my academic life is generally moving against me in stressful ways. So please forgive me if I seem irritated, because I most likely am irritated ahaha.

I'm super busy, and I really don't have time to look things up that you can google or search my gallery for yourself, so please don't ask me to look for something for you unless you have searched the entire world for something, or you're one of my close friends. I will reply to any comment that can feasibly be replied to, but after that I let my replies pile up in my inbox until they're 5 months old and I'm sorry about that. But feel free to say hi or request for us to fight at McDonalds.

Icon done by Satsumayu (:

:icon1stplz: Won Top Event Participator 2014 :icon1stplz:
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Snapchat: nikkydash
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No Ruby page until next week lol ✌🏼️ 

10 deviants said Have a great week!!! (:
4 deviants said But it'll be okay because the page should be nice and emotionally charged so this extra week should bring it up to par
3 deviants said I have two papers due and an exam this week
2 deviants said I also forgot my notes at the apartment so I couldn't write the script anyway ahaha
1 deviant said Plus the SOHK round is more imperative to get done cause it's due on the 22nd



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