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So here's my wonderful teams of Nuzlocke champions. SIX IS PRETTY GOOD HUH~


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lol like i'll actually tell you this


ORAS/Life Updates/Comic????

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 23, 2014, 5:14 PM
No I'm not quitting the comic. <3

Let's start with that since I mentioned it first and it's probably what you care about.


Yooooo Ruby is scripted and after I complete this journal, I'll start drawing it. It's 57 panels, so I might not get it done til late tomorrow. Normally I do 40~ panels but I got excited. Plus, I wanted to get the rest of Tabitha in before everyone plays ORAS and sees how he acts compared to mine. :'D

It's gonna continue though. It's slow because school is tough and other things which I'll mention below if you wanna read that far ahahaha But I do intend to finish it. I planned it out so it should be going for about another year.

Somehow I'm crazy enough to want to do the Snaplocke and another Tradelocke. I'm insane. .-.


I beat ORAS today! I was like 7 levels under Steven and his mega is terrible to face. But I did it. :D It's pretty cool, but it really holds your hand through the entire fucking thing, which ended up annoying me. But the contests are pretty rad and fast paced. The secret bases are really rad, and I grabbed the one that I always use which made me happy that it was there. Mauville I have mixed feelings about. But you'll see what I mean if you haven't played it yet.

Since I've been playing RSE since I was 10, it was amazing to recognize all the NPCs. Even the trainers on the routes, and see what they were like. I really loved the PokeNav Plus and what they did with it too. Overall, it's an awesome game. I don't know why IGN said "too much water" because the water routes are actually shorter to get through than in RSE.

Overall, I'm really pleased, and excited to finish the Post-Game so I can just spend my life on the contests and exploring now. It's pretty much RSE with updated features and lots of hand holding, but the story is really fun with some new twists. Pick it up if you can! c:


So school has been a blast cause I'm drunk on the weekend and studying on the week. It's a lot of work, especially cause my psych classes are terrible. The teachers aren't really that great at helping us. The general education courses are fine and the teachers are great with that. But it's like the psych professors have no idea what they're doing. And so the whole class is averaging at a C in both classes smh

It's kinda stressful. But I'm getting through it. I'm on thanksgiving break right now. And once I go back next week, I only have two weeks and then finals. And I only have really two finals, so it's not terrible. Then I get three weeks off, where my parents will bother me about working at the bagel shop all break and "why havent you signed up for interships and why can't you get them". Honestly, i think I'm more stressed at home than when I'm at school. At least my roommates don't bug me about why I don't have any money. -.-

Mentally, I'm a little weird right now. I keep getting dreams, or I guess they're classified as nightmares, about my ex attacking/stalking me. I know they come from the sexual assault that made me break up with him, but they keep getting worse. If they continue, I'm gonna ask my mom to call my therapist and schedule something for winter break. I'm just having really negative reactions to things that directly remind me of him. Such as, I found out when I hugged one of my male friends that he smells like my ex does when he sweats, and I had a mini freak out. He's been kind enough to wear strong deodorants whenever he sees me now but I'm still hesitating on hugging him, which really upsets me too.

I just kind of feel like I'm pretty much myself but something's not there? Like there's a gear missing or something and I don't know. I feel a little empty or wrong or something. I honestly hate it and I try to get rid of the feeling whenever possible. But it's obviously concerning me that I'm not feeling like myself. So hopefully I can see my therapist so I can get this settled out, cause it's starting to get to me badly. Sorry if I've been snippy or rude to you from this. It's made me kind of an irritable and frustrated person. :/

To end on a good note, a lot of law schools are already trying to recruit me, even though I can't really be recruited until next fall. xD But it's really reassuring cause they're offering me scholarships and waiving application fees. Hopefully they'll still be offering this to me when I take the June test, and start applying next fall. c:

Anyways, that's all I want to say to you guys, so you know I'm not dead or something. I love you all and appreciate all the support you give me! Thank you again! <333

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The internal battery has run dry. The game can still be played. However, clock-based events will no longer occur.

Hey, I'm Nicole, but everyone around here calls me a variation of Nikky. I love when people spell it right, but if you do spell it wrong, I won't get angry about it. c:

I go to Penn State University, and I'm working towards my B.A. in Psychology. After that, I am hoping to go to a tier 1 law school. Because of my constant studying and reading, as well as my computer constantly dying, I tend to be busy and might not get around to reply to your replies right away! But feel free to say hi to me!

The Satsumayu icon will return after I am out of the wintery cheer.

Won Top Event Participator 2014 :icon1stplz:
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Snapchat: nikkydash
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Finals week is this upcoming week so no new Ruby but probably random drawings I did for stress relief will appear 

14 deviants said #prayfornikky #finalsstresskillme #orbuymecoffeeandpizza #eitherworks
12 deviants said Thank you all for your support btw you guys are the bomb and I love all of you have a great week <3333
4 deviants said My hardest final is on Monday morning so this whole weekend is me studying for this one
2 deviants said Plus I gotta revise my fiction story and 3 poems (though I already did those) for Tuesday at noon
No deviants said Then a moderately hard test is on Thursday afternoon so that's all Wednesday studying
No deviants said Then I got a 5 page opinion paper due Tuesday at 6pm but I should (hopefully) ace that



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And of course, right after I tell you how well everything is going in my wonderlocke, disaster strikes.


4 deaths. All within one route. Within 3 consecutive battles. All of well-loved pokemon. Deaths that are really going to sting to write. It was a shock. It hurts. I didn't want them to die. Not my precious little ones.

And this is all before I even reach reflective cave. I always lose someone in reflective cave.

I'm going to do a lot of training. Because reflective cave is only a few trainer battles away. And I don't want any more deaths.
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sorry college is surprising me harder than i thought, ive gotta get used to this scedule before i commit myself to anything more, ive already got the NOCT, my nuzlocke, and school to balance on one plate, sorry but i dont think i can commit myself to this, so youll have to find someone else for the time being

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