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Cartoons? Cartoons.


So here's my wonderful teams of Nuzlocke champions. SIX IS PRETTY GOOD HUH~


Avril, F
Rinaldi, M
Sonia, F
Grey, F
Jake, M
Zeek, M


Wanda, F
Ivy, F
Woolier, M
Dean, M
Tiana, F
Quinn, M


Trumpet, M
Bugle, F
Oboe, M
Triangle, M
Harpsicord, M
Bagpipes, M


Charizard, M
Flygon, F
Swanna, F
Vileplume, M
50, F


Mason, M
Victor, M
Carmen, F
Gale, F
Pineapple, F
Butch, M


lol like i'll actually tell you this


I ordered a new one and got it and I was keeping the commissions open until I ran the old one into the ground. But after it made page 84 the most difficult thing of my time, it was time to say goodbye.
Thank you everyone who has ordered a commission! If you paid, everything's good. You're still getting your commission and nothing will change. B)
If you were going to order one and didn't: I'm sorry, the 50% deal is over. D:
You can always order a commission from me full priced, though! I always need to eat and get my laundry done and pay rent of course. :'D
But from the bottom of my heart, thank you everyone who even considered one. It helped me a lot and I got more than enough to get a new tablet (it's the same fucking model ahaha). You guys are the world and beyond, seriously. <3333
And that's it! I love you all, be safe, if you need anything you can ask me. Bye and stay safe. c:

So I'll cut to the chase: After 6 long years of hard work, my tablet is dying.

Its USB cord is bound by duct/electrical tape, and the splitting of the cord keeps making it farther past the tape. I'm starting to see the effects when I draw, and I'm going to need a new tablet. Because I'm in an OCT, have my comic that I like to update regularly, and just have a love for digital drawing, I will need a new one ASAP after this one dies.

I plan to get a new Intuos 3 6x8 because that's what this one is, and frankly if it's survived 6 years of my hardcore abuse, then I want another one. But new Intuos 3's are 1.) Out of production and 2.) Still around 200$-300$. I don't really need the pen or the mouse since I have two pens for it, but I want the new or like-new tablet you know what I'm saying. :'D

I normally don't ask for money like this. I have commissions open for the extra money usually, but right now it's an actual thing that I need to do or my art life will be completely paused. So thank you for your understanding. <3


Nikky, why can't you just replace the cord? My Bamboo tablet can do that.
The Intuos has a built in cord, so it's always there. I can't really get it replaced for cheap ahahaha

Do you do NSFW?
No porn, no gore. I'll do anything else. Any fandom that isn't NSFW. Seriously.

How much detail do I have to give you?
You can say "Nikky I want you to draw a fucking potato" and that's enough information for me. Or you can be super detail oriented and that's cool too. I'm very flexible.

How long do they take?
About a week. Two weeks tops if I have tests or something. Three weeks if it's being a bitch, but I'll always tell you if that's happening. I usually do it in between OCT entries and Ruby comics. I always ask to post it on deviantart after emailing it to you. So please keep track of your email.

Nikky, sometimes your art is really shitty.
I promise you that I put about 500% more effort into my commissions than anything else I draw. If I don't think it looks near-perfect, it will not be given to you until it is near-perfect.

What can't you do?
Other than porn or gore: If I can't do it, I will either learn how to do it, and do it well, or you will get your money back.

How long is this going on for?
Until my tablet dies. Could be 2 weeks, could be 9 months. If my tablet somehow makes it to Christmas and I can coerce my parents to buy me a new one, then it will close after Christmas. If not, then it'll still go til I get the money for one. But hopefully I'll have the money by Christmas.

What happens to the leftover money?
It'll be used for necessities such as textbooks, college tuition (I'm in America and it's very high please don't rub in how much debt I'm in), food, rent, car parking, and random shit that I'll spontaneously need to pay for because it breaks. I don't have a job because I gave it up to go to this school, so really any extra money is just amazing for me.

Okay I want a commission. How do I get one:
Click here for my commission information.
If you're still interested, either note me here, or email me at, and I'll figure the prices. I'll tell you the full price and the half off price that you'll actually have to pay.
I only accept payment through paypal, though. I can walk people through that pretty easily, too.

I want to give you money, but I don't really want your art! Is there something else you offer for money?
Well other than just donating money to my paypal, I do offer tarot readings. I practice quite often. I have about 6 or 7 years of experience in doing it, and people seem to really like them. I'm very thorough with all of my readings, no matter how small. Pricing for that is discussed privately. But since I already lowball those prices, they are not at 50% off. They are also paid with through paypal.

And that's it! Thank you so much for your support overall. I really do appreciate all of you, even if you just tell your friends that I'm commissioning if they have extra money ahaha
Love you all. Be safe. Have a great day. <333
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The internal battery has run dry. The game can still be played. However, clock-based events will no longer occur.

Hey, I'm Nicole, but everyone around here calls me a variation of Nikky. I love when people spell it right, but if you do spell it wrong, I won't get angry about it. c:

I'm a psychology student at Penn State University who is going to attend law school immediately afterwards. I'm currently studying for the June LSAT testing to boost my score to greater heights. Other than that, I'm also currently under a lot of stress due to schoolwork and tests, trying to get internships, doing my comic, having noisy neighbors, and overall just not having enough money to buy more than food and laundry money. I apologize if I forget to interact with you, reply to you, or just be a general person! I'm very busy and it's hard to juggle my life at the moment. </3

I know a lot more about bagels than I should. I read tarot cards so hit me up if you want to pay me for a reading. I also have an obsession with snapchat. Feel free to say hi! I'm pretty friendly most of the time. c:

The Satsumayu icon will return after I am out of the wintery cheer.

:icon1stplz: Won Top Event Participator 2014 :icon1stplz:
Nominated for Top Producer 2014
Nominated for Top Commenter 2014

Snapchat: nikkydash
Instagram: nikoyfish

There will be a new Ruby today! 

17 deviants said You'll like it cause I'm laughing which usually means you'll be laughing too
16 deviants said Plus who isn't excited to see Team Magma shenanigans again? ;)
4 deviants said I'm just kinda stuck on a panel cause there's a lot of people in it
3 deviants said Also this page has like 72 panels lol
1 deviant said So some of them are just goofy and really bad RIP



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