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Honestly This is Me

Please watch Steven Universe


So here's my wonderful teams of Nuzlocke champions. SIX IS PRETTY GOOD HUH~


Avril, F
Rinaldi, M
Sonia, F
Grey, F
Jake, M
Zeek, M


Wanda, F
Ivy, F
Woolier, M
Dean, M
Tiana, F
Quinn, M


Trumpet, M
Bugle, F
Oboe, M
Triangle, M
Harpsicord, M
Bagpipes, M


Charizard, M
Flygon, F
Swanna, F
Vileplume, M
50, F


Mason, M
Victor, M
Carmen, F
Gale, F
Pineapple, F
Butch, M


lol like i'll actually tell you this


Life Updates/Catch Ups

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 8, 2015, 4:43 PM
I'm supposed to be driving up to my college apartment right now cause I start my full-time job tomorrow morning but @ god hates me and send a bad thunderstorm with a tornado watch so I'm just sitting around until it subsides a little. :')

So I'm going to separate this into parts so you can pick and choose what you wanna read or don't wanna read. Whatever you want. This has basically been what the hell has gone on since I got out of school a month ago (exactly actually), what will happen in the near future, and what plans are for art overall.

I'm just gonna warn you that it has a kinda of negative tone throughout the whole thing cause I basically feel like the life is out of me right now.

2. Grandma
3. Full-time Summer Job
4. NOCT2
5. Nuzlocke
6. Summer Vacation and Classes


So I took my LSAT today. I've been out since 11:30 cause my parents refused to believe that I would get a job and thought scheduling the test at a center around would be better. It wasn't. I got lost about 3 different times. I'm very angry about it but I made it home safe so who cares.

Basically, I dedicated this past like...7 weeks...supposedly to studying. But I wasn't. I'll explain why in the Grandma section. I haven't studied a lot. I've been drowning in environmental stress to the point that I only could sit around and draw really sloppy art and play Ace Attorney.

But the test itself felt alright. I don't think my score went up, but I don't think it really went down? Not really what I was aiming for but whatever I'll do it again in October. I'll be away from a lot of the stressors that occurred this time around, and honestly if I knew this would happen I would've not have signed up for it at all and just done my comic.


So if you've been talking to me recently, or you read my personal posts on tumblr, I had been stuck since about 4 days after I got home to school until this last Saturday watching my 91 year old Grandmother.

Now normally it'd be fine. But she came up from Florida and fell down my aunt's stairs and bumped her head. Apparently it kick started dementia, plus they weren't feeding her so she was malnourished when she came up here (like she was 75lbs) and they pawned my grandma off on my family, and tried to get rid of her for 6 weeks. And oh my god you guys, it was terrible.

She couldn't walk without a walker. She was confused. She didn't know where she was. She didn't remember anyone's names. She couldn't go to the bathroom without someone leading her there and making sure she pulled down her pants. One morning she smeared shit all over my bathroom. And once she had medicine in her she wouldn't stop talking about how she wanted to die and that she hated everything and sometimes she'd cry and it was a fucking mess.

I had to watch her for an average of 7 hours a day to make sure she wouldn't do anything crazy, as well as make sure she was eating and tried to make her happy and make sure she was going to the bathroom and I'm just getting upset thinking about it cause it was so stressful. I couldn't do anything. I wanted to sit around and I felt as dead and she wanted to be. And my LSAT plan basically blew up cause I couldn't take a prep test then cause I wasn't allowed to be gone during the day for more than 4 hours cause my brother couldn't even watch her. Plus, I have to mimic testing conditions when I study and having General Hospital on to sate her isn't really testing conditions. So I was doing all watching that wasn't split between my parents.

By the time I was finished taking my shift I just wanted to lay around and do nothing. And that's what I pretty much did.

I'd also like to thank all my wonderful friends who heard me bitch, moan, and gripe about it for the past month, and were generally supportive or just a listening ear during all that happened during it. All of you are the bomb. <333

Full-time Summer Job

I was trying to get an internship for this summer but instead I landed a summer temp. worker job. It pays well enough for doing some of the most mindless things on the planet. Unfortunately my parents planned around me NOT having any work (lack of faith in me??? probably) and basically tried to fill my schedule with shit + Grandma work. They didn't really understand the part where I needed to study, but I digress.

Anywho, I start that tomorrow morning and that'll be from tomorrow, June 9th, to August 14th. I get a week off for vacation but that's really it. I'm not really looking forward to cleaning the apartment tomorrow after work but whatever lol


Still gonna do NOCT2, no worries. I have an idea for what I'm doing for my R3, and I have a general outline for the rest of the plot since the groups were announced. The shitty saga of Virginia continues. <3


No worries, I got the script for the next Ruby page done. I'd be dead for there to be no continuation to this story. We get to see Maxie, and from what it looks like we'll be seeing Groudon the page after this one. I'm very happy that I've gotten this far and it's only going to finish at this point. :')

Also the tradelocke is going and will be going and I won't forget it don't worry.

Summer Vacation and Classes

I'll be on vacation in Jamaica from late July to early August. It'll only be a week but it'll be a fun week, hopefully. We're supposed to go to an all-inclusive resort. We'll see how this goes since last time we went to a resort I ended up being very sober and very not-entertained throughout it. :iconimsotiredplz:

My classes are pretty much set in stone now, though I scheduled back in March. I'll have all Tuesday/Thursday classes only! So I'm gonna have 4 day weekends, plus Wednesday, for schoolwork and art. So the fall should be really productive! c:

tl;dr I've been having an overly stressful and shitty past month and sometimes I think I should chew on glass but that normally subsides without incident. Things are looking up as I got a full time job, I have a vacation coming soon, and my classes for fall all line up nicely.

I don't know if I've said it in awhile, but I do appreciate all of my watchers and friends and everything else in between. You guys are amazing and are really supportive and kind. I hope you'll stick with me at least til Ruby ends! It should be done by the end of this year. But that doesn't mean I'm done overall either. :D

Well it looks like the rain is clearing up, so I should get to driving back to college. Have a great day and I hope your month has been much less stressful than this ahaha but things should be getting better soon. Love you! <3

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Hey, I'm Nicole, but everyone around here calls me a variation of Nikky. I love when people spell it right, but if you do spell it wrong, I won't get angry about it. c:

I am a Senior Psychology student at Penn State University who will be graduating in May 2016. I work a full-time job where I literally scan things all day. It's sinful but it gets me money. I love making my comics and I hope you like them too. I know a lot about bagels.

I reply to all my comments but after that I kinda of throw darts at a board which chewing glass and that's how I figure out if I'm replying or not. (READ: I'm very busy I'm sorry I wish I could talk to all of you more)

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Fed to the rules and I hit the ground running
Didn't make sense not to live for fun
Your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb

So much to do so much to see
So what's wrong with taking the back streets
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You'll never shine if you don't glow.

And all that glitters is gold
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Hey uhhh I'm looking for a tablet and I saw you use Intuos.. I was wondering if you knew the feature differences between Bamboo and Intuos? I looked on the site but it's kinda vague and as far as I can tell, Bamboo is more like an iPad-like companion to the computer you can draw on? And do the options aside from pen pressure really matter if I'm hooking it up to photoshop on the computer?
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